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In a context with a rising unemployment among young people and early school leaving, our schools have an important role to play. Young people need to be flexible to a new labour market with quickly changeable skills. Multilingualism, e-skills and knowledge of the european labour market are essential for youth.

Our partnership work to modernize our schools and adapt them to new ways of teaching and learning. It is about cultivating the notion of European citizenship through the study of laboral possibilities in Europe. The students will be involved with activities that will make them acquire knowledge on their labour market and  the skills they need to find work in Europe. They will develop skills in ICTs, language learning and speaking in public by presenting their tasks in English and they will share their material through e twinning. Simultaneously, teachers will prepare clil lessons about many areas: History, science, technology, arts.... There will be jointly produced products: an e-book with clil lessons, a webpage with the study of the labour market in Europe and videos and all the products made by students.Throughout the two years, there will be meetings in the different countries involved on the project where students will show their tasks and products. Finally, there is an evaluation plan with questionnaires, group discussions, observation and analysis, which will be performed by students and teachers in progress of the project and in the end.

Encourage students in key skills to enter the workplace, like developing digital skills and language competences.

- Promote the use of Content and Language Integrated learning (Clil) in our schools.

- Analise the european labour market. Which skill gaps are needed?, find out  why so many graduate people are unemployed.  Study the  possibilities to work abroad. 

 -Promote the participation of socially disadvantaged students in the school's activities. Give them acces to ICTs.

- Raise awareness the students about the importance of education / training in labour world.

 - Enhance learning and using foreign languages as means necessary for integration into the European labor market.

Emphasize the importance the importance of ICTs in the job search process.

- Awareness of the importance of motivational strategies and "coaching" both to promote academic excellence and to achieve a successful job profile.

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